How do we help you do it?

NSI Strategies will help your team become comfortable with numbers and

communicate data to your integrated care teams. 

Data, outcomes, and statistics are strong allies in effecting change and one of the most effective tools to navigate change management dynamics. However, obtaining data, picking the right data, and understanding and communicating what data means are not typically innate or naturally occurring skill sets. The chart below shows the approach we typically take to support the Triple Aim.  

Our Change Approach

Our team empowers your staff to identify, collect, and communicate data as a tool to improve patient outcomes, increase employee performance. Staff will be empowered to transform your clinical milieu into a proactive, structured and predictable clinical environment. Learning to effectively use data in supervision, empowers staff to adapt quickly, make changes to clinical workflows and pathways, think creatively and proactively, and it improves overall staff satisfaction. 

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