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April 24, 2019
Combining MAT and Evidenced Based Practices to treat SUDs for the Integrated Care Provider 
(Part II)
June 12, 2019
Using Motivation Interviewing Skills to Impact Health Outcomes
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June 28, 2019
IRETA - Integrating CBT, ACT & Mindfulness-Based Therapy for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Free Integration Training

The Business Model for Sustainable BH Integration

Building a sustainable behavioral health model is the foundation of elevating your health center’s level of integration.  Behavioral health can play a critical role in supporting the primary care environment by improving the efficiency and productivity of primary care providers, impacting health outcomes, and creating a supportive and collaborative work environment that reinvigorates the energy of your staff.  Expanding your health center’s model of integration increases capacity and competency to improve effectiveness in treating chronic health conditions such as chronic pain, substance use disorders, obesity, and diabetes. Our workshop will review financing models to build a sustainable behavioral health team, review the clinical pathways and workflows to effectively implement the model, and the training required to help support this exciting approach to healthcare. 


Learning Objectives 

  1. Participants will learn about financing models to develop a sustainable behavioral health workforce.

  2. Participants will understand the operational framework to implement a sustainable integrated model of care.

  3. Participants will understand the training and resources required to sustain an integrated model of care.

Please join Nick Szubiak, NSI Strategies,

for this Integration Express Webinar Series

February 26 1-2 PM (ET)

Please contact Nick if you are searching for older webinars.
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