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Integration Express ~ Free Webinar Series

September 11, 1:00-2:00 PM EST:
Skills for the Integrated Care Provider:
Implementing SBIRT’s Brief Interventions (BI)


This workshop will review the principles and components of a Brief Intervention (BI) to effectively implement Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).  Attendees will learn specific skills and tools to effectively deliver BI’s in a fast-paced primary care setting.  Building on the spirit of motivational interviewing and the power of therapeutic relationships, providers can create a safe environment for patients to discuss substance use, address whole health concerns, and empower patients to make changes to improve overall health outcomes. 


  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to address substance misuse and substance use disorders in primary care

  • Discuss specific skills and interventions to effectively provide brief interventions

  • Review key principles of a brief intervention tailored for the integrated primary care provider

  • Discuss specific skills to impact health outcomes

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