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Resilient Leadership Webinars: Managing Through Crisis

Resilient Leadership Coaching

The very nature of being a leader can sometimes exclude you from accessing support, guidance, and space for yourself. Having a place to bring the full spectrum of yourself is essential during a crisis. Coaching creates a safe space for ambiguity and vulnerability, thus empowering leaders to access creativity and better problem-solving. Most leaders benefit from a handful of coaching sessions over a short period of time. 

  • Learn tools and techniques to strengthen your capacity to lead your health center

  • Utilize Resiliency as a way to more effectively communicate with teams and community

  • Activate your personal power and unique strengths through Self-awareness

  • Foster your health center culture as a place of Resiliency

  • Empower your teams and employees to operate from their own strength of Resiliency  

Take time for balance and self reflection through coaching with Nick Szubiak, founder of NSI Strategies. In these sessions, leaders will:

NSI is offering a package of four (4) coaching sessions for $875. Please contact Nick at to learn more or to sign up.

Resilient Leadership Webinar Series

As health centers you are on the front lines of the COVID-19 response and in the midst of preparing to help support your communities. During challenging and stressful times, it is normal for a leader to feel off balance and stress can undermine our ability to lead at the most crucial times.


Posted below are three webinars held in April 2020, where we discussed how to elevate your resiliency as a leader and empower your entire organization.

Rock Balancing

Part I: Balance and Space


Balance before action is critical to accessing our prefrontal cortex. Teach your teams to do this by holding space, thus enabling individual team members to stay regulated and resilient. 

Missing Piece

Part II: Structure and Feedback


Be deliberate while keeping and creating structure. Elicit feedback not only to improve, but also to foster connection and creativity.


Part III: Communication and Flexibility


During a crisis, our learning brains are off-line. Over-communication becomes essential, as does being 'flexibly directive.'


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