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Population Health Management

In addition to improving health outcomes for your patients, Population Health Management elevates the levels of integration within your interdisciplinary teams by delivering evidence-based care to the patients who need it most. 

How do we help you implement Population Health Management?

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Because Population Health Management is action oriented, proactive, and effective, it has the potential to simultaneously re-energize your workforce and help you achieve the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quadruple Aim of improving population health, patient and provider experience, and per capita cost. By using data analytics your teams can target the specific needs of the people you serve in your community before they arrive in the health center waiting room. 

NSI Strategies provides consulting support that integrates technology, data, and analytics to develop risk stratification registries, thus making population health part of your continuous quality improvement (CQI) process.  We will also teach your team how to effectively utilize performance benchmarking to maximize the strengths of your behavioral health and clinical teams, as well as transform clinical pathways. 

Analysing the Numbers

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